Jackson County Board of Commissioners

Work Session

November 7, 2022

Justice Center, Room A-201

 1. 1:00 pm
 Stephanie Edwards, Executive Director of Cashiers Chamber
 Glenn Ubertino, President of Cashiers Chamber
 RE: Cashiers Community Collaborative Update(Attachment 1)
 2. 1:10 pm
 Rusty Ellis, Recreation Director
 RE: Equinox Contract(Attachment 2)
 3. 1:20 pm
 Don Adams, County Manager
 Darlene Fox, Finance Director
 a. ARPA & Local Assistance Funding Update(Attachment 3a)
 b. Proposed Qualla / Whittier Park Grant Project Ordinance(Attachment 3b)
 c. Proposed Cashiers Park Project Ordinance(Attachment 3c)
 d. Proposed Budget Ordinance Amendment(Attachment 3d)
 4. Other Business
 a. Harris Regional Hospital EMS Agreement Amendment(Attachment 4a)
 b. NCACC Legislative Goals Conference(Attachment 4b)
 c. Other
 5. Adjourn
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