Jackson County Board of Commissioners

Work Session

January 11, 2022

Justice Center, Room A-201

1. 1:00 pm

Troy Waskey, Nantahala National Forest District Ranger

RE: Nantahala and Pisgah National Forests' Plan Revisions (Attachment 1)

2. 1:25 pm

Bob Cochran, HERE Director

RE: Consulting Services Regarding Homeless Programming 

3. 1:50 pm

Heather Baker, County Attorney

RE: Update on OSHA Mandate

4. 2:05 pm

a) Shelley Carraway, Health Director

RE: Pandemic Update

b) Rob Hawk, Extension Director

RE: Cooperative Extension State Raises - County Match

5. Other Business / Updates


  1. Municipal Grant Applications
    1. Town of Sylva – (Attachment 5a1)
    2. Town of Webster – (Attachment 5a2)
    3. Town of Dillsboro – (Attachment 5a3)
  2. Budget Schedule – (Attachment 5b)
  3. Salary Study Discussions
  4. Other Business

 a) Municiple Grant Applications

6. Adjourn



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