Jackson County Board of Commissioners

Work Session

December 14, 2021

Justice Center, Room A-201

1. 1:00 pm

Employee Retirement and Service Recognition (Attachment 1)

2. 1:15 pm

Nick Breedlove, TDA Executive Director

RE: County Commissioner Update (Attachment 2)

3. 1:35 pm

Rusty Ellis, Recreation Director

RE: Skate Park Discussions (Attachment 3)

4. 1:45 pm

Sheriff Chip Hall

RE: Body Camera, Fleet Camera & Taser Systems

Incentive Letter from Vendor (Attachment 4a)

Body Camera and Taser System Quote (Attachment 4b)

Fleet Camera System Quote (Attachment 4c)

Sole Source Justification Letter (Attachment 4d)

Sole Source Purchase Authorization Resolution (Attachment 4e)

5. Other Business / Updates

6. Adjourn



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