Jackson County Board of Commissioners

Work Session Agenda

February 17, 2015

Room A-227

Jackson County Justice Center

10:00 am          Room 201 – Employee Service Awards (Service Awards)

10:15 am          Room A227 – Work Session

                           Public Comment

10:20 am          Jackson Neighbors in Need – Homeless Shelter Request (Item 1.pdf)

10:45 am          Review and Discussion of Proposed Cullowhee Planning Ordinance – Gerald Green (Item 2.pdf)

11:45 am          Master Plan for Whittier (Drexel Furniture) Property – Gerald Green (Item 3a.pdf) (Item 3b.pdf)

12:15 pm          Lunch Break

1:00 pm            Proposed Rate Increases at Ralph Andrews Park –Jennifer Bennett & Rusty Ellis (Item 4a.pdf) (Item 4b.pdf) 

                           Update on Mark Watson Park Trail (Item 4c.pdf) (Item 4d.pdf)

                           Update on Pedestrian Bridge – Locust Creek River Access

                           Providing Recreation Membership Discounts to Jackson County Retirees


1:30 pm              Update from Jackson County Tax Collector –Brandi Henson and Bobby McMahan (Item 5a) (Item 5b) (Item 5c)

 2:00 pm             Economic Development Incentives – Rich Price (Item 6a.pdf) (Item 6b.pdf) (Item 6c.pdf) (Item 6d.pdf)


2:30 pm             Update from Human Resources – Danielle Wittekind (Item 7.pdf)


3:00 pm             FY 15-16 Budget Discussion – Chuck Wooten & Darlene Fox (Item 8.pdf)


3:30 pm            Next Steps for Establishing Service Districts/Fire Tax – Chuck Wooten (Item 9.pdf) 


4:00 pm             Emergency Services in Areas near the Jackson/Macon Line – Todd Dillard (Item 10.pdf)


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