Property: 1.93 unimproved acres

Location: Deed Book 1685 Page 018, West Main Street and Wilkes Crescent Drive, Sylva, NC 28779

Asking Price: $185,000 (As Is), Broker Protected (5% commission)

Current Town of Sylva Zoning: B-2, Business District Two (Purchaser responsible for any zoning modification request through the Town of Sylva)

June 2013 Survey by Joel Johnson Land Surveying, Inc.

Submit written offers and a 5% bid deposit to Jackson County via the County Manager's office. Offers will be presented to the County Commissioners at the next regularly scheduled meeting and if accepted, the offer will be advertised and upset bids will be accepted for a period of 10 days. An upset bid must increase the original bid by 10% of the first $1000 and 5% of the amount in excess of the first $1000. All upset bid offers must include a 5% bid deposit. If no upset bids are offered, then the property will be closed as soon as possible.

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