Jackson County Board of Commissioners

Work Session

January 09, 2024

Justice Center, Room A-201



1.   1:00 pm  Teresa Buckwalter, Kristy Carter - Traffic Planning and Design, Inc. - Mike Poston, Planning Director

RE: Jackson County Fairview Road Sidewalk (Attachment 1)

2.   1:15 pm  April Alm, Transit Director 

RE:   Zero Tolerance Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy

a.   Memo (Attachment 2a)

b.   Red-line version of the Jackson County Drug and Alcohol Policy (Attachment 2b)

c.   Revised Policy (Attachment 2c)

3.   1:30 pm  FY2024-2025 Proposed Budget Calendar - Darlene Fox (Attachment 3)

4.   1:40 pm  Project Update - Darlene Fox (Attachment 4) (4a) (4b) (4c) (4d) (4e) (4f) (4g) (4h)

4   .Other Business


  1. Fontana Regional Library Agreement - Macon County Request (Attachment 5a)
  2. Joint meeting with the Board of Education (Attachment 5b)
  3. Other









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