Jackson County Board of Commissioners

Work Session

January 10, 2023

Justice Center, Room A-201

 1. 1:00 pm
 Don Adams, County Manager
 Dr. Dana Ayers, Superintendent
 RE: Jackson County Public Schools’ Budget(Attachment 1a)(1b)
 2. 1:20 pm
 Municipal Grant Applications
 a. Bernadette Peters, Town of Sylva Main Street Director(Attachment 2a)
b. Debbie Coffey, Town of Dillsboro Clerk(Attachment 2b)
c. Mayor Tracy Rodes, Town of Webster(Attachment 2c)

d. Mayor Jim Wallace, Village of Forest Hills(Attachment 2d)

 3. 1:45 pm
 Rusty Ellis, Recreation Director
 RE: Webster Park(Attachment 3)
 4. 2:00 pm
 Rose Bauguess, Senior Planner at SW Commission COG
 Mike Poston, Jackson County Planning Director
 RE: Proposed Jackson County STIP Project Exchange(Attachment 4)
 5. 2:15 pm
 Mike Poston, Planning Director
 a. Subdivision Approval Process Overview – i.e Planning Board Approved Camp Creek Housing Development(Attachment 5a)
b. Resolutions for NCDOT Feasibility Study Grant(Attachment 5b)(5c)
 6. 2:35 pm
 April Alm, Transit Director
 RE: Updates to Transit Policies(Attachment 6a) (6b)(6c)
 7. 2:50 pm
Don Adams, County Manager
 a. Opioid Settlement Fund Discussions(Attachment 7a)
b. Budget Calendar(Attachment 7b)
c. County Organizational Structure Discussions(Attachment 7c)
 8. Other Business 
 9. Adjourn
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