Jackson County Board of Commissioners

Work Session

July 9, 2019

Justice Center, Room A-227

  1. 1:00 pm               Shelley Foreman, Vaya Western Region Community Relations Rep
                                     RE: Funding Issues (Attachment 1a) (Attachment 1b) (Attachment 1c) (Attachment 1d)

     2.  1:15 pm              Joe Rigdon, Webster Enterprises Chief Executive Officer

                                     RE: Pre-Employment Transition Services (PETS) (Attachment 2)

    3.  1:35 pm               Ann Self, Chair - Jackson County TDA

                                          1. Jackson County TDA 2022 Strategic Plan (Attachment 3a)
                                          2. TDA Personnel - Job Descriptions (Attachment 3b)

    4.  1:50 pm               Don Adams, County Manager
                                     Darlene Fox, Finance Director
                                     Heather Baker, County Attorney
                                     Ann Self, Jackson County TDA Chair

                                     RE: The creation and implementation of an independent payroll and accounting
                                     system for the Jackson County TDA (Attachment 4a) (Attachment 4b) (Attachment 4c)

    5.  2:00 pm               Shelley Carraway, Health Director

                                     RE: Anti-opioid campaign in partnership with the Community Foundation

   6.  2:20 pm                Michael Hopkins, Assistant Recreation Director

                                     RE: Results of the Indoor Community Pool Survey (Attachment 6)

   7.  2:45 pm                Don Adams, County Manager

                                     a)  NCACC Annual Conference Voting Delegate (Attachment 7a)
                                     b)  Emergency Space MOU Between Jackson County and SCC (Attachment 7b)
                                     c)  NC Social Services Commission Nomination Process (Attachment 7c)
                                     d)  Homelessness Program Update

                                     a)  Other Business
                                     b)  Adjourn

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