Jackson County Board of Commissioners

Work Session

February 13, 2017

Justice Center, Room A-227


  1. 1:00 pm              Jackson County Public Schools. Board of Education Chairman Ken Henke, Vice
  2.                            Chair Ali Laird-Large, Associate Superintendent Dr. Kim Elliott & Staff. (Item 1)

                           RE: Update on renovation progress and discussions regarding the High School Athletic Field Plan 

  1. 1:45 pm             Savannah Park. Recreation Director Rusty Ellis. (Item 2)                       

                          RE: Funding for the project.                           

 2:15 pm            Cullowhee Volunteer Fire Department. Chief Tim Green and Treasurer Terry Ashe. (Item 3)                           

                                RE: Financing for the new facility.         

 2:30 pm            Human Services Consolidation. General discussions.


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