Jackson County Board of Commissioners

Work Session

August 16, 2016

Justice Center, Room A-227


  1. 10:00 am              Skyland Services Center Renovation Update – Odell Thompson (Item 1)

10:30 am              Greenway Park (In Memoriam Brian Bryson) - Chad Parker, Rusty Ellis and Alex Bell

10:50 am              Freedom Park Plan-Mike Poston, John Jeleniewski, Rusty Ellis, Chad Parker,

                             and Don Adams. (Item 3)                              

11:15 am              Old Chamber Building-Possible Tenants – Chad Parker/Brian McMahan                              

11:30 am              Recycling Campaign – Chad Parker/Heather Baker

11:45am               Sylvester property request-Todd Sylvester (Item 6)       

 Noon                    Lunch Break

1:15pm                 Code Red Proposal-Todd Dillard (Item 8)

  1. 1:30pm                 Trout Capital River Access and Roadway concerns/reduction of speed -
  2.                              Sheriff Hall, Wildlife, DOT, Sgt. Roger Smith, NCHP

 2:30pm                 Full Time Transit Driver-Danielle Wittekind/Chuck Norris (Item 10)

  1. 2:45pm                 Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Update-Danielle Wittekind (Item 11)
  3. 3:00pm                 County Manager Comments, discussion regarding reports and projects -
  4.                              Don Adams and Commissioners

  1. 3:30pm                 Other Business/Adjourn



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