Jackson County Board of Commissioners

Work Session

August 18, 2015

Room A-227, Justice Center


11:00 am              Informal Discussion of Proposed Wireless Communication Ordinance

12:15 pm              Recognition of Retirees – Board Room (Item1.pdf)

12:30 pm              Convene Work session

12:35 pm              Update on software system utilized by Permitting and Code Enforcement:

                               Tony Elders and others - (Item2a.pdf) (Item2b.pdf)

1:00 pm                Proposal for Health Care Services for Jackson County Detention Center:

                               Sheriff Chip Hall and others - (Item3.pdf)                

1:30 pm                Justice Center Security Ordinance (Item4.pdf)

2:00 pm                Savannah and Cullowhee Fire Department Capital Projects (Item5.pdf)

2:20 pm                Next Steps for Whittier Property

2:40 pm                Update from TWSA projects – Dan Harbaugh (Item6a.pdf) (Item6b.pdf)

3:00 pm                Break

3:30 pm                Human Resources Update – Bonus Leave and Well @ Work:

                               Danielle Wittekind (Item7a.pdf) (Item7b.pdf)

4:00 pm                Golden Leaf Community Based Grants Making (Item8.pdf)

4:20 pm                Other County Capital Projects (Item9.pdf)

4:40 pm                Landslide Mapping Project (Item10a.pdf) (Item10b.pdf)


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