Barry Stevens

District Manager

876 Skyland Drive - Skyland Services Center, Suite 5

District Supervisors

John Wittekind, Chairman

Doug Parker, Vice-Chairman

Randy Cabe, Member

Nikki Young, Member

Boyce Deitz, Secretary - Treasurer

Katie Gibbs
Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS)-USDA, Soil Conservationist

Jane Fitzgerald
Education Coordinator

Board Meetings are generally held the first Tuesday of each month. Meeting dates are subject to change, please contact the Soil and Water office for additional information

  • Encourage wise use of natural resources, improve water quality and preserve the aesthetic quality of Jackson County. 
  • Expand the educational program of the District. 
  • Seek increased funding through cost share and grants. 
  • Increase public awareness of the conservation program and services provided by the District. 
  • Network and combine resources with other agencies to expand conservation efforts in the District. 

The District exists to carry out a program for resource development and conservation of our natural resources. This is accomplished by assisting land users in the proper care and use of land as it relates to the conservation of our natural resources. The main objective is to provide a quality environment and higher standard of living while protecting our natural resources.

  • Work to control erosion and improve water quality through encouraging best management practices.
  • Encourage the wise use of natural resources and discourage practices that degrade the aesthetic quality of our County. 
  • Keep abreast of support and be familiar with regulations and laws pertaining to clean water, erosion and sedimentation, and agricultural waste management. 
  • Cooperate with local regulatory agencies to educate land users regarding good stewardship of our natural resources. 
  • Expand current educational programs in schools and to the public to increase awareness of natural resources and the importance of conservation. 
  • Provide technical assistance, free of charge, to all land users in Jackson County. 
  • Provide financial assistance through cost share programs to our agricultural community and others for the installation of best management practices as prescribed by the policies and procedures of federal and state programs. 
  • Review sedimentation and erosion control plans for Jackson County. 
  • Seek grants to aid in stream bank stabilization, erosion and sediment control and good water quality. 
  • Poster, Essay & Public Speaking Contests 
  • Teacher of the Year Competition 
  • Resource Conservation Workshop 
  • Conservation Field Days 
  • Envirothon (local and state competitions) 
  • Presentations to Schools and Civic Groups 

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