Jackson County Board of Commissioners

Work Session

October 10, 2023

Justice Center, Room A-201



1.   1:00 pm  Tiffany Henry, Economic Development Director 

RE: Great Grant Award (Attachment 1)

2.   1:10 pm  Rob Hawk, Jackson County Extension Director 

RE:   Approval of County Match to State Extension Raises (Attachment 2)


3.   1:15 pm  Summit Charter School

 RE: Facility Loan Request (Attachment-3a) (Attachment-3b) (Attachment-3c)

4.   1:35 pm  Cris Weatherford, DSS Director  -   Shelley Foreman, Vaya Health

 RE: Foster Care Re-Investment Program (Attachment 4)

5.   Other Business


  1. Savannah Community Development Center Request (Attachment 5a)
  2. Study to Add Additional Parking to the Public Library Complex (Attachment 5b)
  3. Animal Shelter Name Change (Attachment 5c)
  4. Sylva License Plate Agency Update
  5. Human Services Consolidation – General Discussions
  6. Other






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