Jackson County Board of Commissioners

Work Session

February 14, 2023

Justice Center, Room A-201


 1. 1:00 pm

Volunteer Fire Department State Grant Match Program
a. Balsam VFD - Fire Chief Brian McMahan (Attachment 1a)
b. Qualla VFD - Captain Trevor Sutton (Attachment 1b)
c. Canada VFD - Fire Chief Terry McCall (Attachment 1c)
d. Savannah VFD - Fire Chief Floyd Green (Attachment 1d)
 2. 1:45 pm

Rose Bauguess, Senior Planner
 South Western Commission Coucil of Governments

RE: NCDOT Pilot Regional Travel Demand Models (Attachment 2)

 3. 1:55 pm
Mike Poston, Planning Director
 RE: Potential NCDOT Trail Carbon Reduction Grant (Attachment 3)
 4. 2:15 pm

Don Adams, County Manager

a. Potential Dogwood Health Trust Grant (Attachment 4a)
b. County Organizational Structure Discussions (Attachment 4b1) (4b2) 4b3) (4b4)



5. Other Business 
6. Adjourn
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