Jackson County Board of Commissioners

Work Session

September 13, 2022

Justice Center, Room A-201

 1. 1:00 pm
 Russ Harris, Executive Director of Southwest Commission
 RE: Southwestern Commission Annual Report (Attachment 1)
 2. 1:20 pm
 Chanta Ashe, Jackson County Health Department
 RE: Breast Cancer Awareness Month(Attachment 2)
 3. 1:25 pm
 Rusty Ellis, Recreation Director
 RE: Splash Pad / Park Architect Contract(Attachment 3)
 4. 1:35 pm
 April Alm, Director of Transit
 RE: a. Updated Drug & Alcohol Policy(Attachment 4a)

b. Other Updated Transit Policies(Attachment 4b)
 5. 1:55 pm
 Todd Dillard, Director of Emergency Management
 a. RE: Regional Hazard Mitigation Plan & the following link(Attachment 5a)

b. Emergency Operation Plan Discussions (Attachment 5b)
 6. Other Business

 7. Adjourn
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