Jackson County Board of Commissioners

Work Session

August 13, 2019

Justice Center, Room A-227

  1. 1:00 pm                Major Shannon Queen, Sheriff’s Office
                                      Heather Baker, County Attorney

                                      RE: Transportation Agreement to comply with S630 (Attachment 1)

     2. 1:15 pm                Mike Poston, Planning Director

                                      RE: Housing Committee Update

    3. 1:30 pm                Kathleen Breedlove, Human Resource Director

                                     a. General Utility Worker III – Maintenance Mechanic I Position (Attachment 3a)
                                     b. Equal Employment Opportunity Plan (Attachment 3b) (Attachment 3c)

     4. 1:50 pm               Nick Breedlove, TDA Director (Attachment 4)

                                     RE: TDA Destination Research 

     5.  2:20 pm              Don Adams, County Manager

                                     RE: Homelessness Program Update

     6.                             a)   Other Business
                                     b)   Adjourn

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