Jackson County Board of Commissioners

Work Session

June 12, 2018

Justice Center, Room A-227

  1. 1:00 pm                William Shelton, Thomas Valley Growers, LLC
                                      RE: Request for modification of leased County property (Attachment 1)

     2. 1:20 pm                Rusty Ellis, Recreation Director

                                      1. Savannah Park Update
                                      2. Cashiers Pool Update

     3. 1:40 pm                Mike Poston, Planning Director

                                      RE: Housing Committee Recommendation (Attachment 2)

     4. 1:55 pm                Don Adams, County Manager

                                      1. Update on Green Energy Park Zoning Change Request
                                      2. Engineering Agreement for Green Energy Park Campus Master Plan (Attachment 3)

     5. 2:10 pm                Darlene Fox, Finance Officer
                                      Don Adams, County Manager

                                      RE: FY 18-19 Budget Adjustments

     6.                              Other Business
                                      a)   July Meeting Schedule
                                      b)    Commissioner Goals (Attachment 4)
                                      c)     Other Business / Adjourn

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