Jackson County Board of Commissioners

Work Session

February 13, 2018

Justice Center, Room A-227

  1. 1:00 pm                Dr. Don Tomas, President Southwestern Community College
  2.                              Dr. Marc Boberg, SCC Director of Facility Services & Operations     
                             RE: SCC Shooting Range (Attachment 1)

  1. 1:20 pm                Shelley Foreman, Western Regional Community Relations, Vaya Health

                             RE: Vaya Health Strategic Plan for the State's Medicaid transformation. (Attachment 2)

  1. 1:40 pm               Danielle Wittekind, Human Resources Officer
  2.                             Janelle Messer, Public Health Education Specialist     
                            RE: Ordinance Regulating Smoking in Jackson County Buildings (Attachment 3)

  1. 2:00 pm               Mike Poston, Planning Director

                            RE: Resolution of Support for NCDOT High Impact-Low cost project on Monteith Gap Road
                            (Attachment 4)

  1. 2:20 pm               Rob Hawk, Extension Director

                            RE: MOU for Family Consumer Science Agent Vacancy (Attachment 5)

  1. Other Business

a)      Commissioner Goals (Attachment 6)

b)      Homeless Shelter Management Report – General Discussions

c)       General Discussions

d)      Adjourn


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