Jackson County Board of Commissioners

Work Session

July 11, 2017

Justice Center, Room A-227

  1. 1.      1:00 pm                Victor Lofquist, P.E., Lofquist & Associates, Inc. (Item 1a) (Item 1b)
  3.                                       RE: John Parris Cabin - Renovation Discussions
2.     1:30 pm                 Don Adams, County Manager

                                      a. Citizens Academy (Jan Fitzgerald) (Item 2a)
                                      b.  Facility Naming Policy (Item 2b)
                                      c,  Policy on foreclosed real property disposition (Heather Baker) (Item 2c)
                                      d.  2017 NCACC Annual Conference (Item 2d)
                                      e.  August Meeting Schedule
                                      f.   Special Calling Meeting for HD Location Discussions

3.     2:00 pm                 Jackson County Board of Elections (Item 3)

                                      RE: Adopted 2017-2018 Elections Budget

4.    2:30 pm                  County Commissioner Goal Prioritization Discussions

5.    3:00 pm                  Other Business

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