Department on Aging - Contact Email: aging@jacksonnc.org

The Jackson County Department on Aging provides a focal point for aging resources as well as opportunitites to extend independant living and enrich the quailty of life for Jackson County Seniors.

Aging Programs
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100 County Service Park
Sylva, NC 28779
828-586-8562, Phone
828-631-8049, Fax


The CRC of the Great Smokies offers you awarness of services in your community.  Assistance in making choices based on your needs.  Access to these services through referrals.

Jackson County CRC
Phyllis Phillips, 828-631-8060,


July 1, 2011: 4th of July cookout at the Senior Center, catered event so you must sign up!! Call 828-586-4944 to Sign up.


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Heritage Room

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Room Rental

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Catering Services


Heritage Room Catering

1 meat, 2 vegetables, 1 bread, 1 dessert choice, & drinks            $  9.50

2 meats, 2 vegetables, 1 bread, 2 dessert choices, & drinks       $ 11.00

2 meats, 3 vegetables, 1 bread, 3 dessert choices, & drinks       $ 12.50

3 meats, 3 vegetables, 1 bread, 4 dessert choices, & drinks       $ 15.00

Meat Choices                            Vegetable Choices                    Bread Choices

Country Style Steak                 Sweet Potato Soufflé                Yeast Rolls

Roast Beef                               Red Skin Mashed Potatoes        Biscuits

Baked Ham                                Oven Roasted Potatoes             Cornbread

Pork Loin                                  Green Beans or Peas                  Garlic Roll

Fried Chicken                           Cornbread Stuffing

Roast Turkey                            Coleslaw                                    Desserts

Pork BBQ                                  Potato Salad                             Apple Crisp

Herb Chicken                            Glazed Carrots                         Coconut Cake

                                                Cream Corn                               Black Forrest Cake

                                                Steamed Veggies                      Banana Pudding

                                     Garden Salad                     Berry Peach Cobbler

Drinks : All meals include coffee, tea, and juices                        Assorted Pies


There is a $ 50.00 service charge for groups of less than 50.  All prices are per

person (buffet only), and applicable sales tax will be added. If a food is not listed

above, just ask for availability and pricing. .

Contact Information

Jennifer Holland, Catering Manager
828-631-631-8043 or 828-226-3927