Planning Department

Planning Department phone number: 828-631-2261

Gerald Green, ACIP, Planning Director

Email: geraldgreen@jacksonnc.org

John Jeleniewski, Code Compliance Officer

Email: johnjeleniewski@jacksonnc.org

Nicole Livesey, Administrative Assistant

Email: nicolelivesey@jacksonnc.org

Planning Department - Contact Email: planning@jacksonnc.org

Mission Statement

The Jackson County Planning Department strives to achieve excellence and consistency while fulfilling its role as advisor to the County Manager and Governing Body on land use, planning, code enforcement and other regulator programs that guide future growth and development within Jackson County.

We are committed to providing quality services to all citizens through innovation, continuous improvement, determination and excellence in customer service. We strongly believe in a community-oriented comprehensive planning approach and welcome any comments, concerns, or suggestions that citizens would like to offer.


The Jackson County Planning Board's regular meeting is on the second Thursday of each month at 6:00 p.m. in Room   A-227, located on the second floor of the Jackson County Justice Center. All interested persons are invited to attend the meetings.

03-19-2015 Jackson County Planning Board 03-19-2015 Jackson County Planning Board (167 KB)

Planning Board - Agenda and Meeting Minutes

03-12-2015 Planning Board Agenda 03-12-2015 Planning Board Agenda (67 KB)

02-12-2015 Planning Board Minutes 02-12-2015 Planning Board Minutes (162 KB)


The Planning Department currently provides administrative assistance to eight (8) boards. For a complete list of these boards, along with their membership, meeting schedules, and minutes, please click here on the Boards link.

Meetings are subject to change depending upon the business before the board. Cancellations will be posted upon the meeting room door and on the first floor of the Justice & Administration Building. Cancellations of the Cashiers Planning Council will be posted on the main entrance of the Cashiers Library. The Planning Office encourages the public to call (828) 631-2282 if they have questions regarding upcoming meetings.


All Jackson County Ordinances have been combined into the County’s Code of Ordinances. Click here on the Ordinances link to view the Code of Ordinances.

Jackson County Ordinance

Town of Sylva Zoning Ordinance

Town of Dillsboro Zoning Ordinance

Town of Webster Zoning Ordinance

Cashiers Commercial Area Land Development Ordinance

441 Corridor Development Zoning Ordinance

Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule 2013-2014 Fee Schedule 2013-2014 (39 KB)

Permit and Plan Review Process

Jackson County has created a Plan Review Process to assist Developers, Design Professionals, Contractors and Property Owners who are seeking approval of site development applications for commercial, industrial, multi-family projects or projects having to meet the criteria established in the Jackson County Subdivision Ordinance. This review process includes most proposed projects within the County and in zoned jurisdictions. For more information regarding the Plan Review Process and Applications, please click on the following link or call the Jackson County Permit Center at: 828-586-7560.

Start a Land Development Application HereClick to Begin 

PLEASE NOTE: Jackson County has established a permitting center. Applications for all land development related permits and approvals (land development applications, subdivsion, site plan approval, signs, erosion control, mobile home parks, etc) can now be submitted to the Permitting and Code Enforcement Office on the first floor of the Jackson County Justice and Administration Building. The permitting center is located in the offices of the Building Inspectors. We hope that providing the public with one location to apply for all permits will be more convenient for all persons applying for permits and approvals.


Are you thinking about building a new home in Jackson County? Or perhaps you just need to install a new septic tank, drill a well, or change out an electrical service? Are you grading or otherwise disturbing land? The first step for any new development in Jackson County is to contact, or visit our office. In most instances, you will be required to fill out one or more of our applications. To expedite the process, you can download the applications from this link, allowing you to have them filled out prior to your visit with us.

Click here to access the applications.

Slope Analysis Request:

The Jackson County Mountain and Hillside Development Ordinance (MHDO) requires that prior to commencing any development or land disturbed activity and prior to making application for any permits and/or other approvals, the calculated average slope for a particular land tract shall be approved by the Jackson County Planning Director. The Jackson County Planning Department will provide the applicant a detailed analysis of the tract based on the information submitted to determine if the tract is required to comply with the MHDO. Please click, and save the PDF below, the "Request for Slope Analysis"  form, complete the property and contact information and submit to the Jackson County Planning Department to process your request. For more information, please contact the Jackson County Planning Department at: 828-631-2261.

Request for Slope Analysis Request for Slope Analysis (82 KB)

Current Projects:

See below what is currently happening in the Planning Department:

Drexel Building/SMADS - Smoky Mountain Agriculture Development Station:

Community Meeting open to the Public: Tuesday, March 3, 2015 from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Location: Smoky Mountain Elementary School.

Drexel/SMADS Community Meeting Flyer Drexel/SMADS Community Meeting Flyer (248 KB)

Drexel Site Master Plan Report Drexel Site Master Plan Report (3954 KB)

Drexel Site Master Plan Graphic Drexel Site Master Plan Graphic (1302 KB)

Cullowhee Planning Area:
US 441 Corridor:

US441 Small Area Plan US441 Small Area Plan (41144 KB)


07-11-2013 ALC Planning Board Presentation 07-11-2013 ALC Planning Board Presentation (15371 KB)

June 2013 ALC Report On Slope Disturbance vs Landslide Occurrence June 2013 ALC Report On Slope Disturbance vs Landslide Occurrence (1519 KB)

April 2013 Jackson County Demographic Data Report April 2013 Jackson County Demographic Data Report (236 KB)

Jackson County Landslide Report - February 19, 2013 Jackson County Landslide Report - February 19, 2013 (258 KB)

Jackson County Landslide Mapping Report March 2011 Jackson County Landslide Mapping Report March 2011 (7105 KB)

2011-01-09 Jackson County 2010 Census Data 2011-01-09 Jackson County 2010 Census Data (259 KB)

For Jackson County Floodplain information, please contact:

Tony Elders, CFM
Permitting & Code Enforcement Director/Jackson County Floodplain Manager
Jackson County Justice Center
401 Grindstaff Cove Road., Suite A-145
Sylva, NC 28779
Contact number: 828-631-2284
Email:  tonyelders@jacksonnc.org